The Story



Spanning all generations, cultures and viewers of every description, “THE MARIONETTE” is a masterpiece of movement, music and storytelling that takes audiences on a journey of self-discovery and imagination…
The Marionette will reach into each viewer and let them reach that place inside where the child within still resides.
The Marionette has all the elements of success. Great storylines, great talent, great directing and a superb message for people of all ages and cultures.
So lean back, relax and get ready to be amused, amazed and charmed by the newest friend in your life…

The Story:
Wind, rain, lightning, waves crashing on the shore – a storm at sea – a treasure chest is bobbing on the turbulent waters. The storm begins to clear leaving a freshly washed night sky. The moon peers out from a veil of sparkling stars which slowly give way to morning.
We find ourselves in the bedroom of a very special and very different Kid – he’s dressed funny and he happens to be nine feet tall!
One thing is certain though – he is alone – but desperately wants friends and to fit in with other kids. He tries to join in the fun with the rest of the neighborhood children only to be ridiculed and rejected. Only one little girl lets down her guard and approaches him – just for an instant, but she is quickly pulled away by her older sister. The Kid leaves heartbroken and alone. He goes to sleep that night dreaming of what it would be like to have a friend, to belong, to be happy.
This dream however is about to become real for the Kid. A magic fairy comes while he is sleeping and brings the kid a present – it is the treasure chest. The Kid opens the chest to find an amazing new toy – a marionette. Excited by his new toy, the Kid races to show the other children what he has.
Through the Marionette, the Kid begins to make friends and as if by magic.
But the Marionette has a dream of his own – to be real and to be free – to be like everyone else. When the Marionette awakes he cuts his strings and runs away only to get lost and hurt on his first trip alone into the world. The Kid is horrified that his new friend is missing and rushes to find him. The Kid brings the Marionette home and once again the Fairy intervenes – she brings the Marionette to life and soon the two are reunited, but this time, with no strings.
Together the two friends set out on a journey to discover the wonders and magic of being alive.

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