Nicolas J. (CEO)– From an early age, Nicolas knew that his calling was to be involved in the theater. Born in 1972 in Soviet Georgia, young Nicolas demonstrated a passion for acting, dancing and stepping into the spotlight whenever possible. At just 16 years of age he walked away from his country and family to follow his dream of studying with his hero, Marcel Marceau. With no money and only his talent to survive on he performed on the streets to earn enough money for the audition and entrance exams. His dream came true, after an audition in front of the greatest mime in the world, he was not only accepted, but was given a 100% scholarship. He went on to become known as the prized student of Marcel Marceau.
Nicolas then went on to complete his dream and entered into ESRA, the largest private film school in France. Nicolas was one of the youngest graduates at ESRA, but also at the top of his class. After being noticed by a talent scout from Disney he was offered an international contract and began to travel the world, creating new shows and training new actors. In 1998 he founded his own company, World Gate Entertainment, featuring his acts including: The Amazing Statues, Drums of the Congo, Bubble Nicolas and the Marionette. The Marionette was such a huge success with audiences of all ages and all cultures that Nicolas decided to put it on film so he could share it with rest of the world. He then met his future partner Bill Rodd and together they made that dream a reality.


Bill Rodd – After attending Southeast Missouri State University in the late 1970’s, Bill started and produced a very successful Mobile Disc Jockey business for many years. Moving his family to Orlando, FL in the 1980’s, he continued in the music business and began researching the film business in his spare time. Working with such producers and directors as Tom Hanks and Sally Field, he learned many aspects of the film business. Bill specializes in producing, directing and editing short and feature films and has made it a priority to produce family-oriented films that encourage and inspire others.

Description of the Company

Marionette Pictures, Inc. is a corporation that is positioned to be the rightful owner and production company that will produce a series of movies, shows and merchandising products. Each product will target families who are interested in educational and moral values and are concerned with the amount of violence in children’s programming.

Each aspect of the entire project will be created and designed by industry professionals. The first two projects, “The Marionette” movie and original musical soundtrack, are complete and ready for distribution. They already have a production value of $17,800,000.00 All rights and licenses are owned by The Marionette Pictures, Inc.

Mission Statement

It is the intent of the company to create, produce and distribute high – quality, entertaining movies, shows and products for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. With No Words, No Language, No Barriers it is the mission of Marionette Pictures Inc. to speak to the hearts of the world with no boundaries.

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The Marionette Pictures, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Florida, and is continuing to build the Marionette Empire World Wide.

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Together these two extremely talented men have created what has been dubbed as one of the greatest films to ever come out of Florida.