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The Marionette Series
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“The Marionette” is a magical journey of fantasy, reality and imagination.
He warms the hearts of children and families everywhere with his mystical charm and wit!
This is a journey of magic that creates good from bad and heals the power of the heart!

“The City of the Lost Smile”
During the Marionette’s last adventure, he was told of a city where it is forbidden to smile, forbidden to laugh or even show happy emotions. He knew this was a city that needed his help. As he enters the community, he is amazed by the pain and agony within the people.
The powerful strength of the negative energy starts draining the Marionette of his happy emotions. What secret haunts the city of the lost smile? The Marionette knew that if he could not stop this curse than the people would never find happiness again.
“The Realm of the 13 Magicians”
In this adventure, the Marionette ventures into a time of magicians and sorcerers where he enters into a city once governed by 13 magicians. The Marionette finds out that the 13th magician has kidnapped the other magicians and is holding them in his castle. The 13th magician has
also put a spell on the inhabitants of the city forcing them to work in the mines at night and as the sun rises through the city all the people turn to stone. The Marionette realizes that if he is not stopped, this vicious cycle will continue. As night approaches, the Marionette starts his quest to free the 12 magicians.
“The Secret of the 7th Mountain”
The Marionette arrives at the edge of a beautiful city surrounded by seven mountains. He soon finds out that the city, which was once full of happiness and prosperity, had been robbed of the magic stone that has protected the city for centuries. Deprived of the power of the stone,
the inhabitants know they will soon be overcome. The Marionette will embark on a most difficult task to save the city and return the magic stone. But first he has to discover the secret of the 7th mountain.
“The Castle Enchants”
Traveling home after a long adventure, the Marionette enters a village where the King has just lost his child in a tragic death. The people of the village are fascinated with the Marionette and decide that he should meet the King to help him with his loss. The King enjoyed his humor and magic. He enjoyed it so much he asks

the Marionette to stay in his village and become his advisor. The Marionette declined his gracious offer but the King would not accept his answer. The King is so angry that he locks the Marionette in his prison. All seem lost for the Marionette and his freedom.

“The Aridity”
In this adventure, the Marionette must face an old giant that has seized all the water that feeds the country. The inhabitants of this country are too scared to approach the giant. The Marionette risks everything and travels to the giant’s castle to ask him to release the water.
“The Labyrinth”
On the road in search for the next city, the Marionette and his friends find a shortcut at the base of a mountain. As they enter the mysterious cave, the mountain seems to close in around them leaving them trapped in a labyrinth. With no obvious way out of the cave, the Marionette and his friends
venture into the darkness. Out of desperation the group decides to split up to find a way out. With fear and terror around every corner, the journey out of the mountain seems endless.
While traveling back from his last adventure, the Marionette finds himself in the middle of a hurricane. As the storm swells, the angry waters destroy the ship forcing the Marionette to swim for shore. Soon after his arrival, the Marionette learns of an evil creature that holds control over the island and it’s
people. The Marionette finds himself face to face with the evil creature in order to save the people and himself.
Caught in an incredible rainstorm, the Marionette takes shelter under a large tree. Suddenly the Marionette notices large raindrops that are filled with color. Each drop consists of all the colors of the rainbow. As the Marionette watches in amazement, he reaches out to touch one and is instantly absorbed into the
raindrop. The Marionette finds himself in the middle of the City of Rainbows. There is an evil colorless magician who has the power to remove the inhabitants by stealing them of their color. The Marionette must find a way to reverse this power or the city and its people are doomed.
Will this be the last adventure for the Marionette?
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“The Realm of the 13 Magicians”