Cast and Crew
The Marionette Nicolas asserts that his success is nothing more than the reflection of the love he feels for his fans and their generosity to him.

“It’s about giving love – finding the child we left behind so long ago and touching that innocence and joy again,” says Nicolas, “If just for a moment, you can see that sparkle in someone’s eyes, you know you have succeeded and that – to me – is worth more than all the hardships I went through to get here and all the money in the world. It’s about being friends with no strings attached.”

The Marionette
“The Kid” character, Steven smiles coyly and says, “It’s a character I enjoy playing for the sole purpose of having fun – it’s fun to regress to childhood no matter how old we live to be and I like to share that with an audience. I love to be funny and to perform – I feel like I’m part of something big when I’m out there.”
The Kid


Video Compositing and Special Effects

Sound "O" Rama

Post Production Supervisor

K.C. Ladnier

Video Editors

Dave Norman II
Martin Cronk

Visual Effects and Compositing

Dave Norman II

Sound Post Production

Sound "O" Rama

Supervising Sound Editor

Steven Bak

Sound Editors

Stephen Cox
Dino Radford

Assistant Sound Editors

Darlena Radford
Sarah Al-Atrakchi
Jamie Bak


Robert "Sky" Mc Dougall

Voice Over Talent

Renee Adams

Narration Writer

Paul Love

Music Recorded and Produced
at Sound "O" Rama studios
Orlando, Florida

Music Producer

K.C. Ladnier

Produced by

Worldgate Entertainment and
WnR Productions, Inc.


Executive Producers

Daniel E. Diaz and

Donna C. Brown


Created by

Nicolas J

Directed by

Bill Rodd

Second Assistant Director

Joanne Hinson

Art Director

Mark Cooper

Costumes Created by

Gilma Jaramillo

Key Hair Stylist

Tamela Ortiz

Key Makeup Artist

Desiree Burr

Digital FX Technicians

Jonathan M. Edwards
Eugene F. Bald
James Leggett

Opening Animation

Tony DeLuca - Digital Canvas

Director of Photography

Chris Wissinger

Camera Operator

Jon Fordham

Camera 1st Assistant

Leaven Darnell

Camera 2nd Assistant

Matthew Porter

Key Gaffer

Rick Cottrell

Best Boy

Shiloh Eck

Dolly Grip

Michael Bernstein

Key Electrician

Gordy Jorian


Travis Bell
Sean Fisher
Marvin Heven
Kate Knocks
Jonathan Stoll

Production Assistant

Tina Hinson
Bruce Jordan
Josh Kershaw
Bernadette Kocse
Marcella Leuthner
Erica Parker
Nickolas S. Rodd
Erica Winter



Megan Bassell
Liberty Bostwick
Kelly Clonts
Alex Coury
Brooke Horne
Julian Ivey
Cory Jonston
Kevin Nulph
Matthew Underwood
Cassondra Veneziano
Sophia Wise

Fairy Queen

Hatuna Oliver


Morgan Baldwin
Chelsey Fatula
Janine King
Carrie Lauren
Marcella Luethner
Meg Wozniak

Dream Dancers

Jennifer Deluca
Tabitha Garner
Randlynn Hoch
Serena Infante
Jeff LePoutre
James Mathias
Salem Moore
Michael Morales
Ken Passman
Maria Paris
Barry Smith
Keith Wilson

Dance Captains

Salem Moore
Ken Passman


Ben Affen
Arlene Alamo
Madison Anderson
Omar Anderson
Jeannie Arena
Jeffrey Bassell
John Bailey
Jennifer Bentson
John Brucker
Lonnie Carrington
Vivian Carrington
Robert Carruth
Chad Cartledge
Mari Coscarelli
Deval Davis
Tony DeMil
Christie Drakesmith
Peggy Festerling
Alexia Gomez Emard
Monique Gomes Emard
Alexa Green
Arielle Green
Carolyn Green
Christina Grullon
Freddy J. Grullon
Gilbert Hancock
Sara Hooper
Jaime Jessup
Ben Jonson
Mikaela Johnston
Sandra Koening
Barbara Lewis
Nathena Lewis
Lindsey Martinez
Juliette Mazzeo
Mariette Mazzeo
Cassandra Miller
Emily MillerMiller
Francis Papineau
Chris Perrons
Cynthia Perrons
Alexander Phelps
Casey N. Picou
Allison Porter
Taylor Porter
Carla A. Rodd
Kari Rucker
Mireille Saade
Tonia Sanders
Jacob Schmoll
Hannah Schmoll
Rachael Schmoll
Erin Scott
Mary Serreno
Heley Shimkonis
Chris Siciliano
Mason Swatkowski
Jerilyn Toubman
Samuel Truss
Adon Valdes
Yani Valdes
Dominick Vicchiullo
John Weyrick
Erica Winter
Madison Zavitz


Assistant to the Director

Jason Williams

Green Screen Assistant Photographer

Nickolas S. Rodd

Still Photographer

David Ramono

Set Production Consultant

Tommy Hinson

Set Construction

Clegg and Son, Inc

Casting by

The Reeve Agency


Janet Ritchie


Elise R. Palmieri, C.P.A.
Osburn, Henning and Company


Donna L.Draves
David I. Beame

Special Thanks

Nancy Williams

The Producers wish to thank
the following for making this
production possible

Chapman/Leonard Studios

Suzy Allen

Metro Orlando Film & Entertainment

Copy right 2005
Marionette Pictures, INC.

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