"The Marionette" is a movie you understand through your heart first. Friendship is a quality of the heart, and "The Marionette" reminds us, that there is no love in controlling others, and freedom is an expression of true love. "The Marionette" is so different from other movies using a universal language, some may say gesture, acting and music. We prefer to say this universal language is the language of the heart. It may sound crazy, but after watching "The Marionette", you will probably admit, along with us, that "The Marionette" talks to you, far beyond your intellect. This is why we prefer to talk about the "language of the heart" which is the universal language of love. The entire world communicates with languages, and there are languages, that connect people with each other, also divide them. There are so many different languages in the world that they act as barriers between people, and cultures, on our planet, and give a feeling of separation between us. The Movie and show conveys a message of Love, Compassion and Freedom, beyond languages and cultures that anybody on earth can relate to instantly. "The Marionette" is a great children's film. Adults tend to intellectualize everything. We like to put labels on things, and then put everything in the right box. Well, "The Marionette" is for whoever believes in love, and how it permeates every aspect of our life. "The Marionette" goes far beyond childhood. Some "children films" infuse the idea that there is a part of truth, justification and power in violence, whether physical violence or violence through the words. "The Marionette" prefers to show the reality of the power of love and peace. This is why "The Marionette" is completely avant-garde, and revolutionary in children's entertainment, it stimulates the qualities of the heart, the qualities of love, compassion and peace. How do we expect our children to reject violence, as non-true, and choose peace in their life, if you don't help them understand the illusion of the "reality and power" of violence? Movies and shows play a big role in the way we choose to look at the world. Movie and show makers can no longer deny their influence in the way society chooses to look at life in general, and give a reality to love, especially when they are targeting children, who are so easily influenced. It is the parent's responsibility to guide their kids on their way to a better world, by helping them see the truth, in higher qualities of life, in order to reject the gruesome so-called reality of violence. I guess it's a matter of choosing the world we want our children to live in. The movie says: "His Marionette is a friend to treasure. And a friend without strings is a friend forever". It is a message of hope for adults and children who sometimes feel trapped in their lives, because they feel attached, by invisible strings. Those "strings" can be a disease, a handicap or simply family or material situations they have difficulties in dealing with. The power of love in friendship, is not so much to remove those strings like a miracle, but very often, there is not much anybody can do about it, but to show the reality of love through friendship. When we recognize this love, it has the power to feel you with so much peace that those invisible strings fade away. There is no magic here. For those who feel the strings in their lives, "The Marionette" shows a way out, by looking into their heart to find the key of happiness. "The Marionette" is an excellent example for distributors, and networks, that it is time to create a new vision for our children, with movies and shows that stay away from violence.

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